Welcome to the Colorado Youth Project!

Over the last several decades the field has evolved regarding the understanding of juvenile sexual offending and the pathways related to the development, onset, and maintenance of sexually abuse behavior in this population. The literature on the etiology of sexually harmful behavior committed by youth is important because it provides conceptual frameworks and specific guidance that can be used to develop more effective prevention and intervention efforts. This knowledge has informed policies and practices among those of this working in the field. Despite this increasing body of work, more research is needed regarding the differences between youth who commit sexual offenses and their adolescent counterparts. 

Building on the foundation of this advancing research, we are excited to announce the start of a collaborative research project between the Colorado Sex Offender Management Board, the Division of Youth Corrections, The University of Vermont, and the Ohio State University. The goal of this study is to gain a better understanding of factors that contribute to the development of sexually inappropriate behavior and delinquent behaviors with youth. We also want to gain a better understanding of the interventions that are employed by treatment providers in order to learn from your expertise and experience in working with youth. This study will help us inform prevention efforts, increase the well-being of youth and enhance the rehabilitation of youth who are involved in the juvenile justice system!

Participation is simple and easy. All of this information will be streamlined and collected via online surveys. To learn on what’s involved, who can participate and where to start, please feel free to watch the short video below. 

Thanks and we look forward to your participation and involvement in this project!