The Office of Sex Offender Management can provide the following training 
upon request 
from an agency. 
A group of 20+ is required to schedule a training.

• Clinical Supervision Community Education
• Clinical Supervision
• Community Education
• Community Notification
• Evaluation Guidelines and Intervention Options Matrix for Sexual Offenders Who Meet the Definition Based Upon a Current Non-Sex Crime, and a History of Sex Crime Conviction or Adjudication 
• Evaluation, Treatment and MDT Collaboration
• Federal Sex Offender Legislation, including The Adam Walsh Act
• Informed Supervision
• Informed Supervision in Schools
• Introduction to Adult Standards
• Introduction to Juvenile Standards
• Multi-Disciplinary Teams (MDT)
• Residence and Zoning Restrictions
• Role of the Victim Advocate in a MDT/CST
• Section 5.7- Contact With Children
• Sex Offender 101 (Community Corrections and Law Enforcement)
• Sex Offender Management Board Development and Review
• Sex Offender Management Policy and Research
• Sex Offenders and Suicide
•"Sexting: Balancing the Law, Teens, Technology, and Bad Choices" (Training for professionals, parents, and/or youth)
• Sexually Violent Predator 
• Shared Living Arrangements
• Your Role in Empowering the Victims of Sexual Assault in the Clarification Process

To schedule a training, please contact Raechel Alderete, at 303-239-4197 or
If there is a training that you are in need of that is not listed, please contact Raechel to locate additional resources.