Other Available Training:
For Approved SOMB Evaluators Only - Child Contact Assessment (CCA) video training packets

(DVD) available
  • Developmental & Intellectual Disabilities Primer by Paul A. Spragg (DVD)
  • Services to Developmentally Disabled Individuals (DVD) - Part 1 and Part 2
  • The Developmental Disability System by Shari Repinski (DVD)
  • Residence Restrictions (DVD)
  • "The Hunting Ground" Film
Additional SOMB Training on DVD that do not have to be returned:

• Rural Initiative for Supervisors
Credit is given for listening/viewing these trainings, however the credit is only half.
For example if the training is 2 hours, you will be given 1 hour credit. 
To check out a training, please contact Marina Borysov at 303-239-4199, or email at marina.borysov@state.co.us